Current State of Express Entry

The much hailed express entry came to be seen as a more efficient and fair system replacing the previous Federal Skilled Worker Program which was based on a first come first serve model. Even though the start to this program looked as if this was going to be extremely easy for potential aspirants to get a PR easily, it has become anything but that.

With the current CRS points hovering around the 470 mark, it has become extremely difficult for the second tier of applicants to come to Canada. The 470 marks in practical terms is someone who has a master’s degree, excellent English language skills, 6+ years of work experience and who is below 29 years of age. I know what you are thinking, not many of us are lucky to be in that boat. Many of these factors are not controllable, especially age, years of experience, language ability. What is a candidate then supposed to do. This is where the expertise and advice of qualified and registered immigration consultants comes into play. Spending the time and money to consult an adviser can often save time, money and heart ache in the end. To illustrate this, several students come to us after having studied in Canada without enough points to meet the CRS score. Many of them didn’t take expert advice and came for the cheapest (aka shortest) courses, hoping to get PR at the end of it. Unfortunately several of them are left with no option but to go back to their home countries with their hopes of settling in Canada dashed to the ground. A few thousand dollars at the right time could have saved them tens of thousands and no hopes of making it at the end of a few years.

The current state of affairs is good for the Canadian economy and the government but it puts the truly aspiring candidate unable to compete in this hyper-competitive environment.

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