Study in Canada

There are two options for studying in Canada with quite different processes involved. The first one that we will discuss is studying in Canada as a Minor

Studying in Canada as a Minor

Many countries around the world are sending high school students to study in Canada. One of the primary reasons is that the students from non-English speaking countries can come here and learn the language along with getting a world class higher secondary education. However, coming as a minor that is below the age of 18 or 19 in some provinces carries with it its own complications. If the parents are not accompanying the student they need a local guardian. They also need a place to stay and help with transportation. MigroSapiens is able to help with the requirements that are associated with a minor coming to study in Canada such as


  • Selecting the right educational institution
  • Getting Letter of Acceptance
  • Applying for study permit
  • Guardianship
  • Airport pick-up/drop-off
  • Home stay

Studying in Canada for Post-Secondary

This is the more popular option for students from English speaking countries where they come for higher studies such as a Bachelor’s degree or a 2 year diploma. The advantage of this is that they do not require a local guardian and are also able to work 20 hours a week to offset some of the costs associated with studying in Canada. However, they do need a moderate level of English score to be able to come and study here. They do get up to three years of open work permit once they successfully complete their course.

Study Permit Assessment Form

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